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In-account Support

How Do I Contact Payza Customer Support in My Payza Account?

You can now access Payza Customer Support right inside your Payza account by using our direct messaging system. Simply click the "Contact Us" button in the bottom right of the screen to send a message to our Customer Support Department.

When Will I Receive a Reply to My Customer Support Message?

Our goal is to respond to all customer support messages within 2 business days.

Our message will go to the email address associated with your Payza account.

What Should I Do If I Did Not Receive Support Emails From Payza?

Be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder if you did not receive the email response from Payza Customer Support within 2 business days..

If Payza emails are being filtered to one of these folders, we recommend that you "whitelist" Payza emails so you will never miss an important customer service message or update concerning your account.


1) Click the Home tab and click “Junk”.
2) Click “Junk E-mail Options”.
3) Click “Safe Senders” and click “Add”.
4) Enter "" and any specific information such as a title (optional), then click “OK”.
5) Repeat this process for "".

1) Click the settings gear in the top right menu and click “Settings”.
2) Click the 5th tab on the top menu, “Filters and Blocked Addresses”.
3) Click “Create a new filter”.
4) In the “From” field, write “”, then click “Create filter with this search”.
5) Check the box “Never send it to Spam” and click “Create filter”.
6) Repeat this process for "".

1) Click on a message that you received from Payza.
2) Click “Payza” in the header of the message you’re viewing.
3) Click “Add” to add Payza to your contacts.

1) Place the mouse over the “Settings” menu icon and select “Settings”.
2) Click “Filters” and then “Add”.
3) Enter a Filter Name (for example, “Payza”).
4) In the “Sender” field, enter “”.
5) Select Inbox as the folder to receive the email.
6) Click “Save” and then click “Save” again.
7) Repeat this process for "".

Why Do I Have a Message From Payza If I Did Not Send a Customer Support Message?

Payza will also use our direct messaging system to periodically send you news and updates as well as important information about your account.


Payza will occasionally send you messages directly within your account as well. Our messages will come in three forms:

  • Simple announcements and reminders.
  • Messages with information about new features, changes to your account, and helpful tips.
  • Full-screen pop-ups announcing exciting updates or important events.

How Do I Submit a Customer Support Message If I Can't Access My Account?

If you are unable to log in to your Payza account, or if you do not have a Payza Account, you can still send our Customer Support Team a message from our Support Page.


1) On the Payza Support Page, click "Submit a ticket".
2) Select the appropriate department and heading (optional) for your ticket, such as "Business Support" for business-related inquiries. Click "Next".
3) Complete the form and click "Submit" to send your ticket.
4) The appropriate support team will review your ticket and send their response to the email address provided. For best results, use the email address associated with your Payza Account.


The Payza Blog has more information to help you get the support you need from Payza as quickly as possible:

6 Tips for Submitting the Best Payza Customer Support Ticket

How Can I Tell If an Email From Payza Is Authentic or If it Is a Phishing Email?

Phishing emails are fraudulent messages that aim to steal your personal information. Here are characteristics to identify a phishing email that appears to be from Payza.


In the image above, these signs should make you suspicious about the email:

1) Sender appears to be Payza, however the email URL is actually @peyza.
2) The message contains several grammar, spelling, punctuation, and page setting errors. The message also conveys a need for immediate action.
3) The message does not use your full name.
4) The message encourages you to provide personal, confidential information.


The Payza Blog has an in-depth look at the many signs of a phishing email:

Be A Payza Cyber-Detective and Learn How to Spot Phishing Emails

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